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Size guide


We want you to find the perfect size for your new Surpas item. Our size guide is developed to remove much of the uncertainty around sizing and help ensure that you will get the right size on the first try.

Finding the right size is important both in terms of comfort and performance. Therefore, we have made sure our size guide is easy to use. It lets you find your ideal size and fit in just two steps without having to measure yourself. All you have to do is type in your age, height, and weight and give information about your body shape. The size guide then recommends your ideal size. If in doubt, you can control the result by looking at the size chart and measure manually.

Another great thing about the size guide is that it also reduces the likelihood of returns, which is nice for you, us, and the climate. You will find the guide on each product page. Click on "What is my size?" and answer a few questions.