Technical gear for triathletes. Made in Norway with grit.

We are Surpas. We design and develop game-changing custom race suits and apparel for competitive triathletes who share our passion for performance and speed. Based in our native Norway, we’re a family-led business and the founders of high-end endurance and outdoor sportswear brand, Trimtex. Harnessing our years of experience in R&D and textile technology, we created Surpas in 2023 to tailor specifically to the unique needs and ambitions of our triathlon community.

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Born to break records

It all started with an olympic-sized dream, and a very special suit. With the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games on the horizon, we set our sights on gold by designing the fastest race suit the world had ever seen. And we succeeded. Wearing our Insane Skinsuit — made by our team at Trimtex especially for the Games — Norwegian Olympian Kristian Blummenfelt gave a performance of a lifetime to conquer top spot on the podium. We didn’t stop there. Adapting the design to fit a different climate and course, we developed the long-distance version of the suit that would see our athletes crush records and win numerous Ironmans, including two consecutive Ironman World Championships, all while wearing our technology. And so, the seed for Surpas and the world’s fastest race suits was planted.


We take performance very seriously. Our suits are developed for maximum comfort and speed so that you can get the best out of each and every race, no matter the conditions. Made by triathletes for triathletes, our suits go under rigorous, comprehensive testing, both in the lab and out on the field to ensure the highest level of quality and durability. As proud Norwegians, we know how to turn our extreme climate into an advantage. We use it as an asset for putting ourselves and our technology to the test. After all, training and racing in Norway isn’t for the faint of heart. Every product that we release is carefully tested both on site by us in Norway and in collaboration with top-level athletes and technology experts from around the world. At the end of the day, our mission is always the same: to make you the best performing gear you’ll ever own. From state-of-the-art fabrics to game-changing thermoregulation and aerodynamics, our suits are made to win.

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Triathlon, to us, is everything. It's more than just a sport. It's our lifeforce. Our passion and our muse. It fuels us to go beyond. To challenge the norm. Break records. And create firsts. Because to triathlon is to be alive. To be one with the elements. With the water, the road and the earth. It's coming face to face with our greatness. It's the thrill of the trial, of pushing our spirit to the limits. Because it's there, in our fight to win, where we discover our power. It inspires us to push harder. Go further than we've ever gone before. It makes us braver. Faster. Stronger. Ours is a sport like no other. It teaches us that there are no impossibles. No bests that can't be beat. It's where heroes are born. And legends are made.

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