Surpas x Challenge Roth

This competition has ended.
Challenge Roth may be sold out, but there's still a chance you could be there racing on 7th July, 2024. We're giving away two entry slots for this year's race: 1x Individual & 1x Team Relay. Simply fill out the form below to enter.
Surpas x Challenge Roth

Want to race Roth?

More than just a race, Challenge Roth is widely regarded as one of the most iconic triathlons events in the world. A bucket-list event, as eagerly anticipated by the pro athletes as it is the age-group athletes. On race day all the athletes, spectators and event organisers come together to create an atmosphere that every athlete should experience at least once in their triathlon lifetime!

As a proud main partner, Surpas has 2 slots available for the 2024 event: one Individual entry & one Team Relay entry. We are now searching for athletes who want to experience this iconic event with us.

Simply fill out the form below and remember to tick the box with your preferred way to race Roth.

Individual or Team?

When filling out the form below remember to tick the box with your preferred way to race Roth. Those selecting to race as a team will be required to find two athletes to complete the Challenge Roth relay course with them, on the 7th July, 2024.

*Please note that the ticket does not cover transport, accommodation or travel costs involved.

Good luck!