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The Insane suit was created with a high focus on performance. The ultimate race suit for pro-level athletes and age-group championship contenders.

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The Pursue balances a perfect blend of comfort, fit and durability making it the favourite suit across elite, age-group and aspiring triathletes alike.

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The Aero Series is perfect for any pro level athlete, age group championship contender, or novice athlete totally committed to investing in performance and aerodynamics.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the upgrades made to the Insane 2?

The new version is updated with concave sleeves, striped fabric in side panels, and slightly longer legs. Everything for added aerodynamics. We have also made the neck opening a bit deeper and made some panelling adjustments to the chest and upper arm width for improved freedom of movement and comfort in the upper torso.

What are the differences between the Pursue and the Aero?

Based off our Insane suit, the Pursue suit is simply premium in both looks and feel while the Aero is our bulldozer. This suit has been with us for many years, and we cannot seem to shake it off as it is just too good. It is both comfortable and surprisingly fast.